Talking with tourists

Published on July 10, 2017

Stephanie Durocher is a Montreal native passing through the area for a month long holiday in Newfoundland.

©J. R. Roy / Special to The Gulf News

The wind and waves weren’t entirely co-operating but that didn’t deter avid surfer Anthony Poulin.

Anthony Poulin is an avid surfer who spent his first day in the province surfing at J. T. Cheeseman Provincial Park.
J. R. Roy / Special to The Gulf News

While he tried to find a wave to ride, his girlfriend Stephanie Durocher, watched from the shoreline at J. T. Cheeseman Provincial Park on Tuesday, July 4.

“It has been a long time since I surfed and I wasn’t sure,” said Stephanie about her reason for not joining him just yet, but she also loves surfing.

The couple is in the process of relocating to Eastern Passage in Nova Scotia from their home in Montreal, in large part because of their passion for the sport and a desire to be nearer the ocean.

“What a surprise when we just show up and there’s a place to surf,” said Stephanie, who also cited the Newfoundland landscape and Anthony’s surfing as reasons for choosing to vacation here.

Stephanie is on her third trip to Newfoundland, but the first two times were for business. This is her first real holiday and she and Anthony want to explore the province much more thoroughly. She has also spent some time working in Labrador, which she says greatly helped improve her command of the English language.

The couple intend to hike and do some paddle boarding during their month long trip, which is designed to take them around the entire coastal perimeter of the island in a hunt for new surfing areas to enjoy.

“We love the Maritimes,” said Stephanie, who loves the idea of coastal winds to stir the waves. “We are really excited to discover your province.”