One tree at a time

Planting effort along the Grand Codroy River    

Published on May 15, 2017

Volunteers Julia Briffett and Judy May planted white spruce and eastern larch seedlings during a Nature Conservancy of Canada Riverside Restoration project on May 6.

©Nature Conservancy of Canada photo

The weather was overcast and a bit windy, but even the threat of rain and high winds didn’t deter the 14 volunteers who showed up to help plant trees on May 6. 

Volunteers Kaitlyn Collier and Brendan Kelly planted balsam poplar cuttings along the Grand Codroy River.
Nature Conservancy of Canada photo

Luckily the weather held off for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Riverside Restoration project along the Grand Codroy River.

Trees were planted to help stabilize the banks between the estuary and agricultural land, and act as a natural filter for water running into the river.

In total the volunteers planted 1,850 trees, comprised of 250 balsam poplar, 768 eastern larch and 832 white spruce over an area of approximately 3.4 acres.

Conservation biologist and project leader Megan Lafferty said, “We could not have done that restoration work without the help and enthusiasm of our volunteers who were energetic, friendly and invested from the first seedling planted to the final sign posted to mark off the area.”