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Brodie Thomas
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This week’s paper is filled with people raising money for worthy causes.

There’s Betty Kettle, who over 16 years has raised an impressive $20,000 for the Special Olympics.

Turn this page and you’ll see photos from Burgeo’s Relay for Life, which provides money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

And further along in section B you’ll see photos from the Red Shoe Crew Walk for Families, which was raising money for Ronald MacDonald House in St. John’s.

It’s amazing how generous people on the southwest coast can be when it comes to worthy causes. Nobody is asking for a tax receipt when they reach into their wallet or purse and hand over a five, ten or twenty.

When there’s a relay or a walk to be organized , when there’s pledges to be collected, people take up the cause or start going door to door, as Ms. Kettle does each year. They’re not paid for their time either.

All three of the charities mentioned in this week’s paper are tied, in one way or another, to health care, and here in Canada we’re supposed to have free health care. It would be easy to say, “I gave at the office,” to anyone with his or her hand out.

For people from away, it is sometimes amazing to see. Some people from away can’t get over the benefit dances that seem to happen almost every weekend for someone or other who is having health problems, or trying to bounce back from a house fire. That just doesn’t happen as much in other parts of the country.

The coast’s generosity is almost legendary in some circles. It was in Port aux Basques that Terry Fox collected over $10,000 a dollar for every man, woman and child. That was when he decided he could raise $27 million on his Marathon of Hope a dollar for every Canadian.

There’s just no explaining it. Perhaps its best, in this instance, not to ask why and to just celebrate the generosity. Kudos to all who took part in any of these events in the past few weeks.

Organizations: Special Olympics, Canadian Cancer Society, Ronald MacDonald House

Geographic location: Burgeo, Canada, Port aux Basques

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