Fleeting fairness

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By the time the average Canadian worker headed home for lunch last Tuesday, the average CEO in this country had collected in salary what it will take that average Joe the rest of the year to make.

That’s an unsettling truth - for the average Joe at least.

Young people in this country and around the world are wondering why they can’t get a job while others on Bay and Wall Streets take home multi-million dollar bonuses that amount to what the average worker takes decades to accrue by hard work.

Few would argue that those at the top deserve to make a premium for their positions of power. But the gap is growing and those at the bottom don’t seem to be willing to roll over and accept society as it is.

Statistics show that the wages of ordinary families in this country hasn’t made any real gains in decades and that is weighing heavily on the middle class.

More and more it’s a case of being very rich or being very poor.

There isn’t much left for those of us who scrape along in the middle - trotting off to work every day, educating our children, paying bills and taxes that keep the country running.

Another stark reality showed up on Jan. 1.

On the first day of the year corporate taxes in this country took a massive drop. At the same time UI premiums rose and it will take more money out of the pockets of most workers in this nation.

Fairness moved further away as 2012 was born.

This editorial first appeared in the Western Star.

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