Dog doo dilemma

Corinna Yates
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Heather Spencer and Dennis Fenton, owners of Puppy Love, want people to scoop their doggy poop.

Heather Spencer from Puppy Love is seen here scooping up dog feces in front of her shop. She is asking all pet owners in the town to clean up after their pets on public property.

“We went to a town meeting because we have been so concerned with this issue,” said Ms. Spencer. “Some people let their dogs defecate right in front of our shop and they just walk away and leave it there.”

The owners have supplied a container out in front of their shop for people to clean up after their dogs but they say it isn’t working.

“It is a problem and I am getting sick of it,” said Ms. Spencer. “When we walk our dogs we always bring bags with us. We are like the poop patrol. I clean up after my pets so why can’t other people do the same?”

According to Ms. Spencer, it has become such a problem that if people do not start picking up after their dogs in front of their shop she may start refusing them service.

“I have a bucket in front of my shop and they still refuse to use it for their dogs,” she said. “I end up going out and cleaning it up and it is becoming very frustrating.”

She says it isn’t just a problem in front of her business. She has seen the same thing happening on the Grand Bay West boardwalk.

The town says it is aware of the problem and they are working at getting more signs out in the parks and around town.

“We have ordered in extra signs and bag dispensers,” said Melvin Keeping, town manager. “We know it is an issue. People are going to have to be educated to pick up after their pets.”

According to Mr. Keeping, town council decided against passing a by-law on this issue. It is hard to enforce a by-law when people do not want to follow the rules.

“We do what we can do with what we got but in the end it is up to the pet owners to keep the parks and town clean,” he said. “Hopefully people will follow the signs and do the right thing.”

Geographic location: Grand Bay West

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Recent comments

  • Classie Tufts
    May 07, 2012 - 20:10

    Be responsible and clean up after your pet, it is just one of the responsibilities that comes with being a Pet Owner. If you choose not to clean up after your pet maybe you should keep your pet at home. Just think about it: No one likes to clean up feces but no one likes to walk in it either... . I think it's Common Sense to clean up after your pet. But I guess Common Sense is not so Common to Some. Hats off to your MS. Spencer.

  • stephen short
    May 07, 2012 - 17:10

    Pass a by law.Are people so stupid as to not pick up after their dogs?I have 2 dogs and we always pick up after them. As for the comment from NO ONE, if your brave enough to insult someone in the media at least be brave enough to put down your identity,otherwise you come off looking like a moron. Every juristriction has bylaws regarding dog waste,and Port Aux Basques should be no different..Here in ottawa its 165.00 if you are caught. Common sense should prevail here however and if you think you are responsible enough to own a dog,then be responsible enough to pick up after it. Otherwise stick to goldfish.

  • No one
    May 07, 2012 - 09:21

    Refuse service how u guys treat customers.. should not even have a bussiness.....

    • Some One
      May 08, 2012 - 07:13

      We had our dog there alot and we could not ask for any better they are very friendly people. Maybe (No One) you had to pick up after your dog and YOU are not use to it and thats why you are very pee of with them....