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Chantelle MacIsaac
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I travelled to Nova Scotia for the Easter weekend and being the typical tourist, I tend to notice a lot of little things.

One of the first things I noticed was an old cemetery. I could tell by the headstones they had been there a long time.

Asking my sister to stop the car, we got out and walked around. Most of the headstones that were in the cemetery were unreadable, but the ones you could read astounded me.

The cemetery was established in the 1700s, and reading the stones from way back when gave me an eerie feeling, but in a good way.

I have to wonder about these people; about the way they lived their lives, and wondered what exactly this little town would have looked like 300 years ago.

My sister was blown away as well, and couldn't believe that she had never noticed them before even though she drives by there every day.

It's funny how when you live somewhere you don't seem to appreciate the small things.

For example, we take for granted our mountains and oceans everyday because we are so used to seeing them, but we are also used to seeing tourists stop and take pictures.

Another thing I noticed in the small towns around where she lives is the abundance of antique shops.

Being Easter Sunday, I was a bit surprised to learn they were open, but excited as well. I asked her to take me to town so that I could check them out.

On one corner stands a giant two-storey building full of antiques of every kind.

A beautiful shop, everything laid out so that you could see every item, with very friendly people.

Items such as irons, washboards, oilcans, army surplus, vinyl records, handmade quilts, medicine bottles, sea glass, cameras and so much more.

I was in there for over an hour and I know I didn't see everything in there.

My sister once again described the store as something she would drive by, and figures she probably would have never went in if it weren't for my curiosity.

With more to do and see, Nova Scotia will be my travel destination again without a doubt.


Geographic location: Nova Scotia

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